The next step is to becoming a qualified artisan is to find a workplace approved employer that will enter into a learning programme agreement and contract with the learner
after Step 2 (generic or vocational or fundamental knowledge component) has been completed successfully.

The employer will apply an industry specific selection process prior to entering into an agreement and contract with the learner, as the employer will want to ensure that the learners are
fully suited to the industry they want to practise their trade in. Employers are also required to consider national transformation objectives to ensure equity in the workplace as
determined by relevant legislation. The learning programme agreement and contract will be a tripartite agreement between the employer, the learner and accredited training provider.
A relevant SETA facilitates and registers the agreement and contract for the duration of the artisan learning programme.

The conditions of the learning programme agreement and contract are prescribed in the relevant regulations issued by the minister of Higher Education and Training and will include
the agreement duration, completions and termination. They also ensure the protection of a learner under relevant Labour Laws such as the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA).
This protection under the Labour Laws is important both to ensure that learners receive an allowance as determined by a Sectoral Determination for Learnerships and Apprenticeships
but also so that learners are protected under Occupational Health and Safety Laws. At present these regulations are known as the Learnerships Regulations but these are in
the process of being amended to become the Learning Programme Regulations.

A critical part of Step 3 is the allocation of funding for artisan learners through Grant Payments from SETAs, which forms an integral part of the Learner Agreement and Contract.
At present there is a variety of grant systems and processes in place that has led to considerable confusion and manipulation of artisan training by different stakeholders.
There is also a considerable amount of work in process at present with all stakeholders to standardize and simplify the funding and administration system for artisan learners.
The outcomes of this process will continually be communicated to all stakeholders.