Application Procedure

  • An applicant applies to the relevant SETA for a trade test date. The SETA then makes an application to STC.
  • The STC allocates a trade test date on the first available date on a first come first served basis. 
  • The candidate and SETA gets notified of the date and a Trade Test Permit is sent to the candidate.
  • The candidate then makes payment for the trade test and send proof of payment to STC as detailed below.
  • Candidates will not be permitted to undertake the trade test without the trade test permit, proof of payment and identity document.
  • There will be no cancellation and postponements once the date for the trade test is confirmed.

 On the day of the trade test

  • Assessor / STTO prints out joining routine.
  • Assessor / STTO meets the candidate at Auditorium on the day of the assessment and ensures all paper work is completed.
  • Assessor / STTO briefs the candidate on procedures, including grievance procedures etc. candidate signs that he /she has been briefed and read all instructions.
  • Assessor / STTO allocates tools (Own tools) Tool check.
  • Assessor allocates tasks.
  • All tasks to be marked before candidate leaves. The reason for being found Not Yet Competent (NYC) if that is the case is explained to the candidate. The candidate has the right to request the moderator. At the discretion of the moderator a task can be repeated if there is sufficient time. (This needs to be recorded). All parties need to sign.
  • All pages, of all mark sheets to be signed, by both the candidate, assessor and moderator.
  • Cover sheet per task must reflect any deviations and must be signed by assessor, candidate and moderator.
  • Tool check done and signed off by Assessor and candidate.
  • Evaluation form filled in and signed by candidate.
  • Assessor hands leaving routine to candidate - Stores.
  • Assessor takes complete envelope to Moderator who will fill-in the moderator's report.

STC sends results to the SETA and files results and mark sheets in the records room. 

For more information, please call STC on 031 5087703.