Residences Overvie​w


At the Mount Edgecombe campus, STC has 250 learner beds distributed accross 15 residences. Residences are separated along gender lines. Having on-site accommodation provides a competitive edge for STC over its competitors since it makes STC training accessible by learners from outside Durban and the KwaZulu-Natal Province.

Rooms are divided into three types:

A-rate rooms - These are single rooms with own ablution facilities.

B-rate rooms - These are single rooms, but learners share ablutions with other learners within the residence.

C-rate rooms - These are rooms where two learners share a room and share ablutions with other learners within the residence.


Cost for accomodation per learner per day is dependent on the chosen room type. The three room types and 2016/2017 rates as as follows:

A-rate room - R180.00/day

B-rate room - R135.00/day

C-rate room - R115.00/day

NB: All rooms are deemed non-smoking areas.

       Accommodation is provided on a first come first served basis.

       It is advisable that learners book accommodation at the same time as they book for training.



Cleaning services accross the centre is outsourced, so are boarding and security services. While rooms are cleaned every day learners are encourage to keep their rooms clean at all times. Cleaning staff cleans the rooms and make up the beds for learners. With the Centre moving towards having all rooms provided with white linen, learners are also encouraged to avoid lying on their beds with oily overalls or anything that may be hard to remove on washing.



Provision of meals is outsourced. Four meals are provided per day at the STC Canteen, and learners can choose which meal they would like take or skip, and are then charged accordingly. While it is difficult to satisfy all learners' meals preferences, given the cosmopolitan nature of the Centre, the catering manager is always ready to accommodate learners' needs wherever possible.



All residences have lounges where learners can enjoy television. Not all residences have DSTV connection though. However, in addition to those that have the DSTV connection, the Falcon as a learner recreational area ,has a big screen television with a DSTV connection, and games like pool tables etc.  for learners. While learners are permitted to use the braai facilities at the Falcon, consumption of alcohol and playing of loud music is not allowed given that STC is in the middle of a residential area.  

NB: STC premises are an alcohol free zone.

​After hours medical assistance

STC is next to many medical facilities, including the clinic at KwaShukela which is only operational during normal working hours.  For any assistance that could be sought by learners STC has what it calls the Risk Management Services  (RMS) office with personnel available 24/7 for any of the learners' needs.  In case of medical emergency, the RMS official will assess the severity of the situation and could call an ambulance to have a sick learner transported to hospital. All medical bills including ambulance service is for the learner's/company's account.


STC expects all learners to be well behaved, treat each other with respect and dignity in an environment of trust.  The Centre is an epitome of the country's Rainbow Nations, with learners from all racial groups, and learners from outside the South African borders.  Learners may be liable for disciplinary action for poor behaviour.