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The Falcon

The Falcon is a learner recreational facility where learners can watch TV, play pool, table tennis etc. Learners can access the facility by contacting the Risk Management Services (RMS) officials who are also available 24/7. RMS will also be able to provide board games to learners on request. All residences have lounges with TVs for learners, but not all have DSTVs.


For learners convenience there is a Tuckshop on campus situated closer to the workshops. Light meals are also served at the Tuckshop for learners who do not choose the Canteen for their meals. The Canteen operates until 20h00 in the evening.

Dry Clean and Laundry Depot

On campus there is a dry clean and laundry depot which opens daily from 08h00 to 16h30. Pick-ups and drop-offs take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday around 10h00. Learners are encouraged to utilise this facility since no provision for washing machines has been made in residences.

Risk Management Services (RMS)

While the Centre is highly secured with guards and CCTV cameras throughout the day and night, RMS officials are available 24/7 for learners if they need to report anything affecting them at the residences.


The STC campus is highly protected. At the gates there are security guards and the guards also patrol the premises. However, this does not diminish learners’ responsibility to both their safety and that of their assets. The STC does not take any responsibility for the loss of learners’ assets. Learners are required to ensure that they protect their own assets from theft and in addition are required to on arrival declare any tools, computers and items that could be confused to be belonging to the STC on departure. Safe storage facilities are available on request.

There are safety and security procedures that are explained at induction and learners are required to adhere to these procedures.

NB: STC is a gun free environment: guns are not permitted on campus. Breach of this may result in expulsion

Learner parking

STC has limited parking space, thus learners are encouraged to take instructions from RMS officials on appropriate and designated parking spaces for learners.

Learner discipline

The STC subscribes to simple ethos of treating one another with respect and dignity and respect for another person’s property. These are strictly adhered to by all at STC and explained to learners during induction. Whilst under training, learners are obliged to adhere to the procedures and rules of the Centre. These are also explained during induction. In the event of absenteeism or severe breaches of discipline the employer or sponsor will be advised immediately.